Tableware – On Board and Around the Pool

Tableware – On Board
and Around the Pool

We have a superb range of on board tableware available for life out at sea. Find out more below or call in to the showroom in Javea on the Cabo de la Nao to get a catalogue.

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Vibrant set of beakers with a base in different colours. This practical accessory for yachts and boats is made of polycarbonate and designed to make life on board easier as they can be stacked together to take up minimum space.

In this same line, the PARTY collection has champagne glasses and beakers , glass carrying trays and trays for champagne flutes. Nautical items created for comfort on board.

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Brighten up your celebrations on board with this set of six champagne flutes. Made of unbreakable polycarbonate with a base of different colours, this nautical item will give elegance to your aperitifs or dinners, as well as safety from its unbreakable glassware.

The different accessories for boats from the PARTY collection have been specially designed with the space- saving and fall- proof features so you can relax while you sail.

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The 7 piece aperitif set from the PARTY line has been designed for aperitifs or to be used as a bowl for fruit salads. It is composed of 6 individual bowls and one large bowl, all made of unbreakable acrylic.

The small bowls all fit inside the large one so you save space in the cupboard when storing it.

All the pieces have small rubber stoppers on their base to help them stay on the table.

Ideal for at home and around the pool too, call in for a catalogue to view the full range available.