Boat Services

Boat servicing and secure storage for your boat and jetski in Javea on the Costa Blanca

Boat Services


Competitive, thorough and professional are just some of the things that have been said about our boat and jetski services. Call us now or call in to talk to one of our mechanics to get the right advice for your boat or jetski.

Secure Storage

Terra Nautica has a fully integrated CCTV system allowing us to monitor the storage facility from anywhere in the world. We want you to know that we will treat your boats, jetskis and trailers as if they were our own.

We offer this service at a competitive price and within close proximity to the canal in Javea.

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Launch and Retrieve

It takes time to collect your marine vessel from storage, hook it up and drive to the canal. After a swift reverse into the canal, pushing the boat off and ensuring you have someone with you to swing the boat round and hang on to it while you park and then all clamber on board it’s all quite exhausting and you haven’t even left the canal yet. Why not let our team launch your boat for you. Just meet us there and climb on board and head off down the canal. We’ll be there when you return, you just drive the boat on to the trailer and then head home. We return your boat to the yard for a wash down and flush through while you are busy getting on with your day.

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If you are storing a marine craft with us we will always advise on preventative work to ensure your boat or jetski is in great condition. We service all engines including small outboards too. Take a look at our service sheets to see what you can expect from a service at Terra Nautica.

Maintenance and problem solving

Our experienced marine mechanics have seen pretty much every problem that a marine engine can throw at them as they have been working on marine engines for years. (Read More – Volvo Engines) (Read More Mercruiser Engines)

Whether you store a marine craft with us or not our team will take a look at any problems you may be experiencing and provide a quote for the solution to ensure you’re back on the water as soon as is possible. Don’t take our word for it, ask the Cruz Roja in Javea who choose the team at Terra Nautica to service and maintain their jetskis, using the latest diagnostic equipment, so that they are out on the water all Summer looking after you.


Are trailers tricky? We don’t think so. We supply and fit all trailer parts working with both UK and Spanish suppliers. If you are storing a craft with us the team is continually looking out for issues that may affect your trailer and will advise you immediately of any work required.


Winterisation is an essential part of marine maintenance to ensure you can hit the water at the first opportunity the following Spring. Read More about Winterisation

We know many people don’t worry about Winterisation because we are usually their first call when the jetski doesn’t start; they leave the jetski after a final fling on the water in the Autumn. Come next Spring when they want to take the jetski out it won’t start. The sea water sitting in the engine has done its damage and begun to rot the engine component parts. This becomes an expensive mistake. With prices for winterisation of jetskis starting at just €65 there is no need to make the mistake this winter.

If you are not going to use your boat this Winter then it is essential that it is also winterised. “But I thought it was better to empty the petrol tank” is often what our mechanics hear. Find out what you should do or let our mechanics winterise your boat for you. Boat winterisation costs start at €65

 Take advantage of our years of experience and call us now on 96 579 6568 to book your jetski or boat in for winterisation.