Jobe Watersports Accessories

Jobe Watersports Accessories

Terra Nautica Javea now stock a range of accessories from the superb Jobe.

We have Ski packages that include everything you need, childrens trainer skis, pro wakeboards, tow ropes, lifejackets, clothing and much more.

Call in to our showroom on the Cabo de La Nao in Javea or have a look in the showroom here to see whats available, and, if we dont have it we can probably get it.

The Jobe Story

In late 1974, professional waterskier Jeff Jobe was chilling at home. The weather wasn’t quite good that day, so waterskiing wasn’t an option for Jeff. With a nice cold beer, he took the time to philosophize about his future dreams. As always, the same dream came up in his mind…. Developing a water ski with his own name on it! He was a well known watersports men, but that wasn’t enough for Jeff Jobe. He was always dreaming about his own brand.

And on that day, late in 1974… he decided to wake up from his dream, and start to realizing his goal. With all his savings he built new molds and a manufacturing plant in Kirkland, to create his own ski. After a period of producing blood, sweat and tears… Jeff Jobe realised something, he dreamed about since he was a diaper carrier; the first Jobe ski! He called it the Jobe Honeycomb and built it in two sizes, 65” and 67”.

The ski was an immediate success, and that was only the beginning of a true Jobe era! Jeff Jobe made it possible, to commit many ski legends to his brand. Names like; Bob LaPoint, Glenn Thurlow, John Reichard and Marco Merlon all skied many rides on a Jobe ski.

In the early 80’s Jobe starts to dominate a part of the market, and since that, the brand has grown stately! For a long time now, Jobe isn’t a specific waterski brand anymore. Jobe is developed into a well appreciated watersports brand in the biggest form you can think of. From waterskis to tubes, from wakeboards to wetsuits, Jobe is there for you!

We all hope to continue with developing this brand, in the train of thought as Jeff Jobe did; Living the dreams, don’t wait until tomorrow!

If you would like to download or view the Wakeboard specs pdf please click here.

Jobe, a brand with history.