A New Member of The Team

A very warm welcome to a new member of the team!

We are delighted to welcome Wayne to the team. Some of you may remember Wayne as he worked with us last August however he is now a permanent fixture on the team. Known as Waynetta to his friends (but only on a Saturday night) he knows his way around a marine engine and is a world class champion in the marine vessel towing championships. What? There are no championships? Well there should be because Wayne would win 🙂  Please pop in and say hello to Wayne.

And as promised we said we’d let you know what we heard at the meeting about the plans for the canal. The plans are in fact still being finalised with the Town Hall. We were told however that there will be works to the road layout around the entrance to the canal and those will start in April. The canal will remain open as will the public slipway. Our launch and retrieve service runs 7 days a week from the public slipway.

The plans are truly exciting and will bring some much needed development to the canal which can only continue to improve Javea and increase the number of people wanting to holiday in this beautiful part of Spain.

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